Our Products

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) – EcoBiome Next Gen MEOR

Superior Microbial Injection into the Reservoir For Optimal Oil Mobility, Oil Production and API Improvements.

Microbial Sludge Remediation – EcoBiome Ultra Sludge Breaker

A high Concentrate sludge remediation microbial consortium that targets and accelerate treatment and remediation of Heavy Sludge in waste pits, tank bottoms, sludge and residue pits, lagoons and in soil.

EcoBiome Ultra - H2S/CO2 Corrosion, Scale and Salinity Controls

A premier blend of high concentrate specialty petroleum microorganisms that control corrosion and the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from harmful Sulfate Reducing Bacteria.

EcoBiome Waste Water Remediator

Remediates and degrades organic matter and putrefaction compounds and VOC’s in water. Reduces BOD, COD and suspended solids. Improves oxygenation and purity of water.

Microbial Intelligence Technology Platform

EcoBiome Oil Reservoir Analysis to determine real time microbial profiles of the target field.  The EcoBiome analysis can determine whether changes in the microbial fingerprints have occurred and how to restore and re-establish the most optimal microbial profile for the greatest oil production potential.